Medical Supplies


The Opportunity

Have you ever purchased anything on Amazon?  Many products for sale on Amazon are purchased direct from the manufacturer saving the consumer money.  Through web-based technology, MedX now offers healthcare providers the opportunity to purchase medical and office supplies direct from the manufacturer eliminating the middleman saving at least 30% to 80% on over 20,000 items.


What Types Of Medical Supplies Do We Carry?

MedX offers everything a medical office needs, and if we don’t have it, we’ll establish a new manufacture relationship that does.  MedX offers high-quality products and often has the same brand names that our customers are buying from McKesson, Henry Schein, PSS or Medline.


What Makes MedX Different?

MedX does not have high overhead or warehouses.  MedX uses Revolutionary Technology that allows a customer to shop online at  Future enhancements to our website will allow a purchasing manager the ability to track par levels for easy re-ordering across multiple facilities.


Why Work With MedX

Every medical office buys medical supplies.  Saving substantial money on supplies healthcare providers already buy is a no-brainer and easy for most decision makers to give you a quick YES.  For your existing personal business relationships, it’s an easy up-sell and will further solidify your relationship and value to the practice decision makers.

For prospecting, it’s an easy door opener to get in front of decision-makers.  Once you make the relationship, it should be easy to promote MedX other programs.



How To Get Started

If you have an interested in working with MedX, we would like to speak with you to learn more about your qualifications.



Get Started Now

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