Physician Dispensing

What Is Physician Dispensing?

Physician Dispensing is one of the top three ancillaries across the country.  In most states, physicians have the right to fill prescriptions  for their patients in their office.  Dispensing improves patient satisfaction by providing the convenience of avoiding a trip to the pharmacy.  In general physicians dispense generic medications, but brand drugs are available.  The bottles are pre-packaged in the strengths and quantities the practice typically prescribes, eliminating the need for pill counting.  MedX provides different billing options depending on the practice needs for a custom fit solution.


What Makes MedX Different?

Our dispensing programs have very little start up costs with no long-term obligation.  A customer can cancel at any time for any reason with a 30 day written notice.  We believe that our customer service, program diversification, different billing options and multiple wholesale solutions give MedX the competitive edge.


The Opportunity

Offering physicians the opportunity to fill prescriptions in their office provides a new revenue source to the practice.  Furthermore, dispensing allows the doctors more control when it comes to patients receiving their needed medication.


Why Work With MedX

Why should you consider MedX?  Our sales support will provide you with online tools to access training, marketing, documentation and commission reporting.  Personal training is always available as well as continuous marketing and sales support.  Upon request, we will also help you present to your prospects thru teleconferences and online webinars.  The check is never in the mail with MedX.  Unlike most of our competitors, we auto-pay commissions directly into your checking account as well as making your commission report instantly available on our cloud server.


How To Get Started

If you are ready to make a positive step in your sales career, contact us or apply online today.  We would love the opportunity to speak with you to learn more about your experiences and background, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding our program.


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